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About the vila

The Silver Villa was built in 2004 in Baile Tusnad, the smallest city in Romania, in the heart of the pictoresque Ardeal. Baile Tusnad is also referred to as the pearl of Ardeal as well as the most beautiful resort and the visitors are drawn by its rich historical traditions as well as by its specific culture.

The Silver Villa is surrounded by beautiful green scenery and its rooms offer the most amazing view to the tourists. The Villa consists of 8 rooms, 2-bed-rooms each, so it can host 16 people, and each room has its own bathroom.

Furthermore, the rooms have cable TV, Internet connection and they offer parking possibilities for tourists arriving by cars. The train station is at a 10-15 minute walk and the local wellness spa is only a 15-20 minute distance walk.

Prices are 100 RON/room (50 RON per person).


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Program offers

Ciucaș Lake

The Ciucaș Lake is situated in the centre of Tusnad and there is a great possibility to go for a boat ride.

Wellnes Center

The Tusnad Wellness Center was finalized by the end of 2014 and it can host 180 people .It is located in the centre of Tusnad city, near the Ciucas lake. The centre has five pools with different sizes and temperatures offered for those who want to have fun and relax.

Stânca ªoimilor

Situated on the right bank of the Olt river, the 824 m high rock is the most well-known lookout in the region that is also the remnant of an old watchtower.

Apor Bastion

The Apor Bastion was built in 1883 as a watchtower, today it is an ornamental fortress, situated at an altitude of 701 m above the Tusnad city. It was recently restored and a solar panel was added to it to provide its lighting.

Adventure Park

The Adventure Park offers leisure activities for families, friends and children as well as for company team buildings. The park consists of obstacles built onto trees, and the visitors are secured with special harnesses.


The mofetta is a gassy discharge due to the volcanic mountain. Its 85% carbon dioxide content makes it ideal on the overall health as well as for specific medical conditions such as clogged or blocked arteries, high blood pressure, expanded veins and veiny ulcers, all of these with the close supervision of a doctor.

The Saint Ana lake

The Saint Ana lake is situated in the crater of a sleeping volcano of the Transilvanian Ciomatul Mountain, near the city Tusnad.     

Tinovul Mohoș

Tinovul Mohos is situated at an altitude of 1050 m in a crater of the Ciomatul Mountain. Rare species of plants can be found here along with some special carnivore plants and more than 20 types of moss.                

ªumuleu Ciuc

The Franciscans have settled in Sumuleu in 1440. The pilgrimage has started as soon as the 15th century and it has carried over into our times, celebrating and honoring the cult of Virgin Mary. The catholic pilgrims cherish the Mary-Pilgrimage that has increasingly become the centre of their spiritual life.     


Harghita County
Bãile Tușnad 535100
Kovács Miklós street, nr. 60-62

Tel: +40 749 517 224


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